Thermodynamics Video Lectures

'Thermodynamics' Video Lectures by Prof. G.K. Suraishkumar from IIT Madras
"Thermodynamics" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction and Review
2. Need for Analysis Additional Thermodynamic Functions State and Path Variables
3. Equations for a Closed system Chemical Potential Concept Gibbs-Duhem Equation
4. Maxwell relations
5. Inter-Relationships between Thermodynamic Variables
6. Some Useful Mathematical Manipulations
7. Thermodynamic Relations for a Closed System with 1 mole of a pure Substances
8. Maximum Work,Lost Work Review of Closed Systems
9. Open Systems
10. Equations of State - Virial Equations
11. Equations of State - Cubic Equations
12. Volume Estimation
13. Volume Estimation (cont.,)Generalized correlations
14. Generalized correlations(cont)Residual Properties
15. Residual Properties(cont.,)
16. Generalized Correlations and Residual Properties
17. Fugacity Coefficient Estimation
18. Review of Module 3
19. Learning Aspects Chemical Potential Formulations
20. Lewis and Randall rule partial Molar Properties
21. Partial Molar Property Estimation from Mixing Experiments
22. Partial Molar Property Estimation (cont.,) Excess Property
23. Activity Coefficient from Excess Property
24. Activity Coefficient from Excess Property (cont.,)
25. Activity Coefficient from Excess Property(cont.,) Models for Activity Coefficient in Binary Systems
26. Models for Activity Coefficient in Binary Systems(cont.,)
27. Review of Module 4
28. Criteria for Phase Equilibrium Phase Rule for Non-reacting Biosystems
29. Clausius - Clayperon Equation
30. Clausius - Clayperon Equation(cont.,)vapour-Liquid Equilibrium
31. Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium(cont.,) Estimation of Fugacity coefficient from Equilibrium P-V-T Data
32. Liquid/Liquid and Solid/Liquid Equilibria
33. Review of Module 5
34. Criteria for Bio-reaction Equilibria
35. Phase rule for Reacting Biosystems Equilibrium constants
36. Effect of Temperature and Pressure on the Equilibrium constants
37. Reaction in Liquid or Solid Phases
38. Free energy Changes for some Bioreactions
39. Electrolytes
40. Course Review
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