Advanced Process Control Video Lectures

Advanced Process Control
'Advanced Process Control' Video Lectures by Prof. Sachin C. Patwardhan from IIT Bombay
"Advanced Process Control" - Video Lectures
1. Lecture 1-Introduction and Motivation
2. Lecture 2-Linearization of Mechanistic Models
3. Lecture 3-Linearization of Mechanistic Models (Contd.)
4. Lecture 4-Introduction to z-transforms and Development of Grey-box models
5. Lecture 5-Introduction to Stability Analysis and Development of Output Error Models
6. Lecture 6-Introduction to Stochastic Processes
7. Lecture 7-Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Contd.)
8. Lecture 8-Development of ARX models
9. Lecture 9-Statistical Properties of ARX models and Development of ARMAX models
10. Lecture 10-Development of ARMAX models (contd.) and Issues in Model Development
11. Lecture 11-Model Structure Selection and Issues in Model Development (contd.)
12. Lecture 12-Issues in Model Development (contd.) and State Realizations of Transfer Function Models
13. Lecture 13-Stability Analysis of Discrete Time Systems
14. Lecture 14-Lyapunov Functions and Interaction Analysis and Multi-loop Control
15. Lecture 15-Interaction Analysis and Multi-loop Control (contd.)
16. Lecture 16-Multivariable Decoupling Control and Soft Sensing and State Estimation
17. Lecture 17-Development of Luenberger Observer
18. Lecture 18-Development of Luenberger Observer (contd.) and Introduction to Kalman Filtering
19. Lecture 19-Kalman Filtering
20. Lecture 20-Kalman Filtering (contd.)
21. Lecture 21-Kalman Filtering (contd.)
22. Lecture 22-Pole Placement State Feedback Control Design and Introduction to Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Control
23. Lecture 23-Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Regulator Design
24. Lecture 24-Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Controller Design
25. Lecture 25-Model Predictive Control (MPC)
26. Lecture 26-Model Predictive Control (contd.)
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