Chemical Technology - I Video Lectures

Chemical Technology - I
'Chemical Technology - I' Video Lectures by Dr. I.D.Mall from IIT Roorkee
"Chemical Technology - I" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to Chemical process Industries
2. Raw material for Organic Chemical Industries
3. Unit processes and unit operations in organic chemical Industries
4. Coal and coal as chemicals feed stock
5. Coal carbonization and Coke oven plant
6. Gasification of Coal,Petrocoke and Biomass
7. Introduction to Pulp and paper Industry, Raw material for paper industry and Technological development
8. Pulping and Bleaching
9. Recovery of Chemicals
10. Stock preparation and paper making
11. Introduction to Soap and detergent, Soap making and Recovery of Glycerine
12. Synthetic detergent and Linear alkyl benzene
13. Sugar and Fermentation industry
14. Ethanol as Biofuel and Chemical feed stock
15. Introduction : Staus of Petroleum refinery, Crude oil and Natural gas origin, occurrence, exploration, drilling and processing, Fuel norms
16. Evaluation of Crude oil,Petroleum Products and Apetrochemicals
17. Crude oil Distillation
18. Thermal Cracking: Visbreaking and Delayed Coking
19. Catalytic cracking: Fluid Catalytic cracking and Hydro cracking
20. Catalytic reforming
21. Alkylation, Isomerisation and Polymerisation
22. Desulphurisation Processes and Recovery of Sulphur
23. Profile of petrochemical Industry and its structure
24. Naphtha and gas cracking for production of olefins
25. Recovery of chemicals from FCC and steam cracking
26. Synthesis gas and its derivatives: Hydrogen, CO, Methanol, Formaldehyde
27. Ethylene derivatives: Ethylene Oxide, Ethylene glycol, Ethylene dichloride and Vinyl chloride
28. Propylene, Propylene oxide and Isopropanol
29. Aromatics Production
30. Aromatics product profile, Ethyl benzene &Styrene, Cumene and phenol, Bisphenol, Aniline
31. Introduction to polymer, Elastomer and Synthetic Fibre, Polymerisation
32. Polymers:Polyolefins,Polyethylene,Polypropylene Polystyrene
33. Polyvinylchloride,polycarbonate,thermoset resin: phenolformaldehyde,uriaformaldehyde and melamineformaldehyde
34. Elastomers: Styrene butadiene Rubber(SBR), Poly butadiene, Nitrile rubber
35. Polymides or Nylons(PA)
36. DMT and Terephtalic Acid,Polyester,PET resin,PTB resin
37. Acrylic Fibre,Modified Acrylic Fibre,Acrylonitrile,Acrolein,Propylene Finber,Polyurethane
38. Viscose Rayon and Acetate rayon
39. Pesticide
40. Dye and Intermediates
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