Particle Characterization (PG) Video Lectures

Particle Characterization (PG)
'Particle Characterization (PG)' Video Lectures by Dr. R. Nagarajan from IIT Madras
"Particle Characterization (PG)" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction: Why study particle characterization?
2. Introduction: Classification of particle characteristics
3. Morphological Characterization: Shape analysis methods
4. Morphological Characterization: Techniques of shape assessment
5. Morphological Characterization: Decision rules
6. Morphological Characterization: Static vs dynamic methods of size analysis
7. Morphological Characterization: Static methods of size analysis
8. Morphological Characterization: Light scattering from spherical particles
9. Morphological Characterization: Particle counters
10. Morphological Characterization: Particle size distributions
11. Morphological Characterization: Acoustic Attenuation Spectroscopy
12. Morphological Characterization: Nano-particle size analysis
13. Structural Characterization
14. Interfacial Characterization
15. Surface Adhesion: Forces
16. Surface Adhesion: Electrostatic & Surface-Tension Forces
17. Surface Adhesion: Adhesion Force Measurement
18. Particle Removal: Methods
19. Particle Removal: Wet Cleaning
20. Particle Cohesion: Forces
21. Particle Cohesion: Flowability Implications
22. Transport Properties: Diffusion & Electrostatic Field Effects
23. Transport Properties: Drag & Inertia
24. Transport Properties: Deposition Fluxes & Rates
25. Transport Properties: Illustrative Application
26. Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Reactivity
27. Chemical & Compositional Characterization: Analytical Methods
28. Chemical & Compositional Characterization: XRD & AFM
29. Nano-particle Characterization: Bottom-Up Synthesis Methods
30. Nano-particle Characterization: Top-Down Synthesis Methods
31. Nano-particle Characterization: Dispersion
32. Nano-particle Characterization: Properties & Techniques
33. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Nano-Fluids
34. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Filtration
35. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Cleanrooms
36. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: High-Technology Manufacturing
37. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Explosivity
38. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Environment & Human Health
39. Practical Relevance of Particle Characterization: Other Applications
40. Summary
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