Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes Video Lectures

Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes
'Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes' Video Lectures by Dr. Nitin Kaistha from IIT Kanpur
"Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes" - Video Lectures
1. Lecture-01.Introduction to the course
2. Lecture-02.Process Dynamics and Negative Feedback
3. Lecture-03.PID control
4. Lecture-04.Common Industrial Control Loops and advanced loops
5. Lecture-05.Advanced loops (contd) and multivariable systems
6. Lecture-06.Systematic Tuning Using Frequency Domain Analysis
7. Lecture-07.Frequency Domain Analysis
8. Lecture-08.Multivariable Systems
9. Lecture-09.RGA and dynamic decoupling
10. Lecture-10.Model based control
11. Lecture-11.Dynamic Matrix Control
12. Lecture-12.Control of Distillation Columns
13. Lecture-13.Temperature inferential distillation control
14. Lecture-14.Considerations in temperature inferential control
15. Lecture-15.Control of Complex Column Configurations
16. Lecture-16.Control of Heat Integrated Columns
17. Lecture-17.Homogenous extractive distillation
18. Lecture-18.More on complex columns and reactive distillation
19. Lecture-19.Control of reactors
20. Lecture-20.PFR controls (continued) & CSTRs
21. Lecture-21.CSTR heat management
22. Lecture-22.Heat Exchangers and Miscellaneous Systems
23. Lecture-23.Degrees of freedom analysis
24. Lecture-24.Degrees of freedom (contd)
25. Lecture-25.Illustration of considerations in control structure synthesis
26. Lecture-26.Two column recycle process
27. Lecture-27.Throughput manipulator selection
28. Lecture-28.Plantwide control structure design
29. Lecture-29.Systematizing plantwide control design
30. Lecture-30.The Luyben design procedure
31. Lecture-31.Role of equipment capacity constraints
32. Lecture-32.Recycle process case study
33. Lecture-33.Recycle process case study (contd)
34. Lecture-34.C4 isomerization process case study
35. Lecture-35.C4 isomerization process case study (contd)
36. Lecture-36.C4 isomerization process case study
37. Lecture-37.Systematic economic plantwide control design procedure
38. Lecture-38.Ethyl benzene process case study
39. Lecture-39.C4 isomerization process revisited
40. Lecture-40.Contrasting conventional and top-down approach
41. Lecture 41.Cumene process plantwide control
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