Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion Video Lectures

Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion
'Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion' Video Lectures by Prof. Bhaskar Roy, Prof. A M Pradeep from IIT Bombay
"Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion" - Video Lectures
1. L1-Course Intro & Historical development of flights
2. L2-Early development of aircraft propulsive devices
3. L3-Development of Jet propulsion for aircraft
4. L4- Introduction to thermodynamics, Scope and method, Basic concepts: system, surroundings, property, intensive and extensive, state, equilibrium and state postulate, process, path and cycle
5. L5- Quasi-static processes, zeroth law of thermodynamics and temperature, concept of energy and its various forms, internal energy, enthalpy
6. L6- Specific heats at constant pressure and volume Work and heat transfers
7. L7- Tutorial
8. L8- First law of thermodynamics for closed systems
9. L9- First law of thermodynamics for open systems/flow processes
10. L10-Second law of thermodynamics, heat engines, refrigerators and heat pumps, Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statement of second law of thermodynamics
11. L11- Reversible and irreversible processes, concept of entropy
12. L12- Increase of entropy principle, third law of thermodynamics, absolute entropy, perpetual motion machines
13. L13- Tutorial
14. L14- Carnot cycle, Carnot principle, thermodynamic temperature scale
15. L15- Exergy, availability and second law efficiency
16. L16- Tutorial
17. L17- Gas and vapour power cycles, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle
18. L18- Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, Stirling and Ericsson cycles
19. L19- Thermodynamic property relations, Jacobean and Legendre transformations, Maxwell’s equations
20. L20- Tutorial
21. L21- Properties of gas and vapour mixtures
22. L22 (A)- One-dimensional compressible flows, isentropic flows
23. L22 (B)- Flows with friction and heat transfer, normal and oblique shocks
24. L23- Piston-prop engines: Otto cycles; Ideal and Real cycles
25. L24- IC Engines for aircraft application
26. L25- Performance parameters of IC engines
27. L26- Supercharging of aircraft IC engines
28. L27- Tutorial: IC Engines
29. L28- Propeller fundamentals
30. L29- Propeller aerodynamic theories -I
31. L30- Propeller aerodynamic theories -II
32. L31- Tutorial: Propellers
33. L32- Ideal cycles for Jet engines
34. L33- Ideal cycles for variants of jet engines
35. L34- Tutorial
36. L35- Fundamentals of Ramjets and Pulsejets
37. L36- Fundamentals of Rocket engines
38. L37- Fundamentals of Missile engines
39. L38- Various space vehicles and their engines
40. L39- Closure of the lecture series : recap
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