Design of Steel Structures Video Lectures

Design of Steel Structures
'Design of Steel Structures' Video Lectures by Prof. Damodar Maity from IIT Guwahati
"Design of Steel Structures" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to Design of Steel Structures
2. Connections
3. Riveted Connections
4. Design of Rivet Joint
5. Welding
6. Design of Fillet and Butt Welds
7. Bolted Connection
8. Eccentric Connections: Rivet Joints
9. Design of Eccentric Connection With Load Lying in Plane of Joint Rivet Bolt
10. Eccentric Connection With Load Perpendicular to Plane of Riveted Joint
11. Analysis and Design of Join with Seat Connection
12. Eccentric Connection
13. Load Lying Perpendicular to the Plane of Weld Joint
14. Tension Member
15. Design of Tension Member
16. Design of Tension Member: Gusset Plates. Lug Angles and Tension Splices
17. Design of Tension Member: Subjected to Axial and Bending
18. Compression Member
19. Design of Compression Member
20. Design of Eccentrically Loaded tension Member
21. Built up Compression Member
22. Design of Built up Compression Member
23. Lacing for Built Up Compression Member
24. Design of Lacing System
25. Design of Batten Plates
26. Introduction to Flexural Members: Beams
27. Design Procedure of Beam Members
28. Design of Laterally Supported Beams
29. Design of Laterally Unsupported Beams
30. Built-Up Beams
31. Built-Up Beams: Curtailment of the Flange Plates and Shear Connections
32. Design of a Built-Up Beams
33. Design of Shear Connections and Purlins
34. Gantry Girders
35. Design of Gantry Girders
36. Introduction to Plate Girders - Part 1
37. Introduction to Plate Girders - Part 2
38. Design of a Plate Girder
39. Column Base Part - 1
40. Column Base Part - 2
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