Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and Wavelets Video Lectures

Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and Wavelets
'Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and Wavelets' Video Lectures by Prof. V.M. Gadre from IIT Bombay
"Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and Wavelets" - Video Lectures
1. L1- Introduction
2. L2-The Haar Wavelet
3. L3-The Haar Multiresolution Analysis
4. L4-Wavelets And Multirate Digital Signal Processing
5. L5-Equivalence - Functions And Sequences
6. L6-The Haar Filter Bank
7. L7-Haar Filter Bank Analysis And Synthesis
8. L8-Relating psi, phi and the Filters
9. L9-Iterating the filter bank from Psi, Phi
10. L10-Z-Domain Analysis Of Multirate Filter Bank
11. L11-Two Channel Filter Bank
12. L12-Perfect Reconstruction - Conjugate Quadrature
13. L13-Conjugate Quadrature Filters - Daubechies Family of MRA
14. L14-Daubechies' Filter Banks - Conjugate Quadrature Filters
15. L15-Time And Frequency Joint Perspective
16. L16- Ideal Time Frequency Behaviour
17. L17- The Uncertainty Principle
18. L18- Time Bandwidth Product Uncertainty
19. L19- Evaluating and Bounding squareroot t.squareroot omega
20. L20- The Time Frequency Plane & its Tilings
21. L21- Short time Fourier Transform & Wavelet Transform in General
22. L22- Reconstruction & Admissibility
23. L23- Admissibility in Detail Discretization of Scale
24. L24- Logarithmic Scale Discretization, Dyadic Discretization
25. L25- The Theorem of (DYADIC) Multiresolution Analysis
26. L26- Proof of the Theorem of (DYADIC) Multiresolution Analysis
27. L27- Introducing Variants of The Multiresolution Analysis Concept
28. L28- JPEG 2000 5/3 FilterBank & Spline MRA
29. L29- Orthogonal Multiresolution Analysis with Splines
30. L30- Building Piecewise Linear Scaling Function, Wavelet
31. L31- The Wave Packet Transform
32. L32- Nobel Identities & The Haar Wave Packet Transform
33. L33- The Lattice Structure for Orthogonal Filter Banks
34. L34- Constructing the Lattice & its Variants
35. L35- The Lifting Structure & Polyphase Matrices
36. L36-The Polyphase Approach - The Modulation Approach
37. L-37 Modulation Analysis and The 3-Band Filter Bank, Applications
38. L38-The Applications *Data Mining, *Face Recognition
39. L39-Proof that a non-zero function can not be both time and band-limited
40. L40- M-Band Filter Banks and Looking Ahead
41. L41-Tutorial -Session 1
42. L42-Student's Presentation
43. L43-Tutorial on Uncertainty Product
44. L44-Tutorial on Two band Filter Bank
45. L45-Tutorial -Frequency Domain Analysis of Two band Filter Bank
46. L46-Zoom in and Zoom out using Wavelet Transform
47. L47-More Thoughts on Wavelets : Zooming In
48. L48-Towards selecting Wavelets through vanishing moments
49. L49-In Search of Scaling Coefficients
50. L50-Wavelet Applications
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