Analog IC Design Video Lectures

Analog IC Design
'Analog IC Design' Video Lectures by Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura from IIT Madras
"Analog IC Design" - Video Lectures
1. Course introduction; Negative feedback control
2. Negative feedback amplifier
3. Step response, sinusoidal steady state response
4. Loop gain and unity loop gain frequency; Opamp
5. Opamp realization using controlled sources; Delay in the loop
6. Negative feedback amplifier with ideal delay-small delays
7. Negative feedback amplifier with ideal delay-large delays
8. Negative feedback amplifier with parasitic poles and zeros
9. Negative feedback amplifier with parasitic poles and zeros; Nyquist criterion
10. Nyquist criterion; Phase margin
11. Phase margin
12. Single stage opamp realization
13. Two stage miller compensated opamp
14. Two stage miller compensated opamp
15. Two and three stage miller compensated opamps; Feedforward compensated opamp
16. Feedforward compensated opamp
17. Feedforward compensated opamp
18. Feedforward compensated opamp; typical opamp data sheet
19. Opamp offset and CMRR; Transimpedance amplifier using an opamp
20. Components available in a CMOS process
21. MOS transistors-basics
22. MOS transistors-parasitics, mismatch
23. MOS transistors-mismatch, speed
24. Noise in resistors
25. Noise in MOS transistors; Input and output referred noise
26. Noise scaling; Basic amplifier stages-Common source, common gate
27. Basic amplifier stages-Common drain; Frequency response of amplifiers
28. Common source amplifier frequency response; Differential amplifier
29. Differential and common mode half circuits; Differential pair with active load
30. Differential pair with current mirror load
31. Single stage opamp characteristics
32. Opamp with single and dual supplies; Single stage opamp tradeoffs
33. Telescopic cascode opamp
34. Telescopic cascode opamp; Folded cascode opamp
35. Folded cascode opamp
36. Two stage opamp
37. Two stage opamp; Three stage and triple cascode opamps
38. Common mode rejection ratio; Example
39. Fully differential circuits
40. Fully differential single stage opamp
41. Common mode feedback
42. Fully differential single stage opamp
43. Fully differential two stage opamp; Fully differential versus pseudo-differential
44. Circuit simulators and analyses
45. Phase locked loop as frequency multiplier
46. Phase domain model
47. Type I PLL transfer function and reference feedthrough
48. Type II PLL
49. Type II PLL transfer functions; Implementation
50. Type II PLL-extra poles; Random noise in a PLL
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