Circuits for Analog System Design Video Lectures

Circuits for Analog System Design
'Circuits for Analog System Design' Video Lectures by Prof. M.K. Gunasekaran from IISc Bangalore
"Circuits for Analog System Design" - Video Lectures
1. Transistor Amplifier
2. Transistor Op-amp and Transistor Based Voltage Regulator
3. Some applications of transistor -1
4. Some applications of transistor - II
5. Transformer design & Heat sink design
6. Op-amp Based Linear Voltage Regulator
7. Short circuit protection for linear power supply
8. Temperature indicator design using Op-amp
9. On & off Temperature controller design
10. Proportional Temperature Controller Design
11. PID - Temperature Controller Design
12. Heater Drive for Various Temperature Controllers
13. Short Circuit Protection of Power MOSFET
14. Error budgeting for temperature Indicator
15. PID Temperature Controllers with Error Budgeting
16. Error Budgeting for Constant Current Sources
17. Error Budgeting for Thermo Couple Amplifier
18. Error Budgeting for Op amp Circuits
19. Gain Error Calculation in Op amp Circuits
20. Input Resistance Calculations for Op amp
21. Output Resistance Calculations for Op amp
22. Error Budgeting for Different Circuits
23. 4-20 mA current Transmitter design
24. Error budgeting for 4-20mA Current Transmitters
25. LVDT Based Current Transmitters
26. Constant Current Source Design
27. 4-20 MA Based Temperature Transmitter
28. 3-Wire Current Transmitter
29. Various Resistance Measurement Techniques
30. Ratio Transformer Technique to Measure Resistance and capacitance
31. Capacitive Sensor Circuit Design Examples
32. Capacitive Sensor Circuit With High Impedance Amplifier
33. AC- applications of the Op-Amp and Lock in Amplifier Design
34. Design of lock in Amplifier Circuit with example
35. Dual Slopes ADC Design Examples
36. Dual Slope ADC and Successor approximation ADC
37. MC based ADC
38. Digital to analog Converter design and working, Flash ADC
39. Flash ADC and ADC Converter errors
40. Sigma delta ADC working Principle
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