NOC:Basic Electrical Circuits Video Lectures

NOC:Basic Electrical Circuits
'NOC:Basic Electrical Circuits' Video Lectures by Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura from IIT Madras
"NOC:Basic Electrical Circuits" - Video Lectures
1. Preliminaries
2. Current
3. Voltage
4. Electrical elements and circuits
5. Kirchhoff\'s current law(KCL)
6. Kirchhoff\'s Voltage law(KVL)
7. Voltage Source
8. Current Source
9. Resistor
10. Capacitor
11. Inductor
12. Mutual Inductor
13. Linearity of Elements
14. Solutions to the assignment on units 1 and 2
15. Series connection-Voltage sources in series
16. Series connection of R, L, C, current source
17. Elements in parallel
18. Current source in series with an element; Voltage source in parallel with an element
19. Extreme cases: Open and short circuits
20. Summary
21. Voltage controlled voltage source(VCVS)
22. Voltage controlled current source(VCCS)
23. Current controlled voltage source(CCVS)
24. Current controlled current source(CCCS)
25. Realizing a resistance using a VCCS or CCCS
26. Scaling an element\'s value using controlled sources
27. Example calculation
28. Solution to the assignment on units 3 and 4
29. Power and energy absorbed by electrical elements
30. Power and energy in a resistor
31. Power and energy in a capacitor
32. Power and energy in an inductor
33. Power and energy in a voltage source
34. Power and energy in a current source
35. Goals of circuit analysis
36. Number of independent KCL equations
37. Number of independent KVL equations and branch relationships
38. Analysis of circuits with a single independent source
39. Analysis of circuits with multiple independent sources using superposition
40. Superposition: Example
41. Solution to the assignment on units 5 and 6
42. What is nodal analysis
43. Setting up nodal analysis equations
44. Structure of the conductance matrix
45. How elements appear in the nodal analysis formulation
46. Completely solving the circuit starting from nodal analysis
47. Nodal analysis example
48. Matrix inversion basics
49. Nodal analysis with independent voltage sources
50. Supernode for nodal analysis with independent voltage sources
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