Transmission Lines and EM Waves Video Lectures

Transmission Lines and EM Waves
'Transmission Lines and EM Waves' Video Lectures by Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar from IIT Bombay
"Transmission Lines and EM Waves" - Video Lectures
1. Introduction to EM waves and various techniques of communication
2. Equations of Voltage and Current on TX line
3. Propagation constant, Characteristic impedance and reflection coefficient
4. Impedance Transformation
5. Loss-less and Low loss Transmission line and VSWR
6. Power transfer on TX line
7. Smith Chart
8. Admittance Smith Chart
9. Experimental setup for transmission line measurements
10. Applications of transmission lines
11. Applications of transmission lines-II
12. Impedance Matching
13. Lossy Transmission Line
14. Problems on Transmission line
15. Types of transmission line
16. Basics of Vectors
17. Vector calculus
18. Basic laws of Electromagnetics
19. Maxwell\\\'s Equations
20. Boundary conditions at Media Interface
21. Uniform plane wave
22. Propagation of wave
23. Wave polarization
24. Pioncere\\\'s Sphere
25. Wave propagation in conducting medium
26. Wave propagation and phase velocity
27. Power flow and Poynting vector
28. Surface current and power loss in a conductor
29. Plane wave in arbitary direction
30. Plane wave at dielectric interface
31. Reflection and refraction at media interface
32. Total internal reflection
33. Polarization at media interface
34. Reflection from a conducting boundary
35. Parallel plane waveguide
36. Wave propagation in parallel plane waveguide
37. Analysis of waveguide general approach
38. Rectangular waveguide
39. Modal propagation in rectangular waveguide
40. Surface currents on the waveguide walls
41. Field visualization and Attenuation in waveguide
42. Attenuation in waveguide continued
43. Radiation (Antenna)
44. Solution for potential function
45. Radiation form the Hertz dipole
46. Power radiated by hertz dipole
47. Thin linear antenna
48. Radiation Parameters of antenna
49. Receiving antenna
50. Monopole and Dipole antenna
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