Mathematics III Video Lectures

Mathematics III
'Mathematics III' Video Lectures by Prof. P.N. Agrawal, Dr. Tanuja Srivastava from IIT Roorkee
"Mathematics III" - Video Lectures
1. Solution of ODE of First Order and First Degree
2. Linear Differential Equations of the First Order
3. Approximate Solution of An Initial Value
4. Series Solution of Homogeneous Linear I
5. Series Solution of Homogeneous Linear II
6. Bessel Functions and Their Properties
7. Bessel Functions And Their Properties Contd..
8. Laplace Transformation
9. Laplace Transformation contd..
10. Applications Of Laplace Transformation
11. Applications Of Laplace Transformation Contd.
12. One Dimensional Wave Equation
13. One Dimensional Heat Equation
14. Introduction to Differential Equation
15. First Order Differential Equations and Their Geometric Interpretation
16. Differential Equations of First Order Higher Degree
17. Linear Differential Equation of Second Order-Part - 1
18. Linear Differential equation of Second Order-Part - 2
19. Euler-Cauchy Theorem
20. Higher Order Linear Differential Equations
21. Higher Order Non homogeneous Linear Equations
22. Boundary Value Problems
23. Strum Liouville boundary Value Problem
24. Fourier Series-Part - 1
25. Fourier Series-Part - 2
26. Convergence of the Fourier Series
27. Fourier Integrals
28. Fourier Transforms
29. Partial Differential Equation
30. First Order Partial Differential Equation
31. Second Order Partial Differential Equations - I
32. Second Order Partial Differential Equations - II
33. Solution of One Dimensional Wave Equation
34. Solution of HomogeneousNon Homogeneous Equations
35. Fourier IntegralTransform Method for Heat Equation
36. Three Dimensional Laplace Equation
37. Solution of Drichlet Problem
38. Numerical Method for Laplace Poisson equation
39. ADI Method for Laplace and Poisson Equation
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