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     Mod-1 Lec-1 Introduction to Design of Steel Structures
     Mod-2 Lec-1 Connections
     Mod-2 Lec-3 Design of Rivet Joint
     Mod-2 Lec-2 Riveted Connections
     Mod-3 Lec-2 Design of Eccentric Connection With Load Lying in Plane of Join
     Mod-2 Lec-4 Welding
     Mod-4 Lec-4 Design of Tension Member: Subjected to Axial and Bending
     Mod-2 Lec-5 Design of Fillet and Butt Welds
     Mod-3 Lec-6 Load Lying Perpendicular to the Plane of Weld Joint
     Mod-8 Lec-1 Column Base Part-1
     Mod-5 Lec-1 Compression Member
     Mod-3 Lec-3 Eccentric Connection With Load Perpendicular to Plane of Rivete
     Mod-5 Lec-5 Design of Built up Compression Member
     Mod-4 Lec-3 Design of Tension Member: Gusset Plates. Lug Angles and Tension
     Mod-3 Lec-1 Eccentric Connections: Rivet Joints
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